Ade Kassim is a multi-disciplinary designer and musician operating in Brooklyn, NY.


I have over 10+ years working in the fields of Apparel Design & Development, Product and Visual Design, Music, Market Research & Strategy, and most recently Web3. 

Check out some work here

I also host a monthly radio show on The Lot Radio.

*Open to freelance/contract work all over the world.


⸮? Timeline

2008 _  Attended Arizona State University, Herberger Institute For the Arts    
  • Served on the Programming and Activities Board, Concerts Department
  • Music journalist for The State Press, the college paper
  • Radio host for The Blaze, the college radio station
  • College Marketing Representative for Sony Music Entertainment
  • Concert promoter and writer

2013 _ Began working as an intern for Capsule Tradeshow, setting the foundations for my fashion apparel career

2014 _ Began working as the Men’s director for Joinery, a small clothing and home goods store based in Brooklyn and focusing on artisinal wares primarily from Brazil, Europe and Japan

2015 _ Began working as an Assistant Buyer and E-commerce Manager for the Brooklyn-based retail outpost Hickoree’s Hard Goods and its in-house brand The Hill-Side

2016 _ Hired by Stone Island to help launch their first North American retail outpost in SOHO NYC

2017 _ Moved to J.Crew under the direction of a new CEO as an Assistant Designer for their best selling Men’s Suiting & Topcoats business. During this time we focused on fabric innovations, new concepts and silhouettes

2017  _ Also began working at C’H’C’M’ a small but very influential Men’s clothing store located in Manhattan’s NOHO district where I still work til this day!

2018/19 _ Spent 8 months traveling around SE Asia researching indigenous textile weaving and dyeing methods, particularly in Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand. My project KASSIM was the outcome of this research

~ while there I also released a collection of graphic t-shirts to finance my research. The collection sold out immediately 

~ somewhere around this time I discovered Web3 ~

2019 _ Started my monthly residency on The Lot Radio

2020 _ Founded a record label “Telecom Audio”, later that year we released “Prone 2” by Omo Igi.

2022 _ Hired as a Graphic Designer for Reneum Institute, a clean energy crowdfunding platform built on the blockchain, to help define and manage their visual identity

??? to the future??_  These days my output is musically focused - with my aim to create, dissect and share music.

I also continue to pursue technological interests, from Web3 to AI, I am curious and excited about what the future holds and what stories I can continue to tell.